Synergy Institute is a holistic wellness center where we bring together advanced practitioners, educators, and experts in the field of the healing arts to offer high level treatment modalities that compliment traditional medicine.  Our management team has a combined forty years of experience in this field.  Synergy Institute will offer continuing education for other Massage Therapists, as well as classes for those desiring to learn new tools for achieving balance and well-being.


Meet Our Team

Sarah ‘Dolma’ Primus is a Reiki Level II practitioner, Massage Therapist, musician, producer, and songwriter, combining her passion in body work, Reiki, and other healing modalities with her intuitive approach to music, sound, and healing.  She creates unique and original music that provides meditative and healing results for her clients. Her client base consists of individuals and companies who wish to attain a more centered, relaxed and balanced life. Who have the desire to  address the core causes of chronic pain, as well as spiritual teachers and coaches who use her music to increase the power of their guided meditations and teaching tools.


Sarah is committed to assisting her clients and fans by sharing her message of personal healing through the treatments she gives, as well as the music she creates. A pianist since 1989, she began composing original music &  songs at a young age, inspired by the natural world around her.  It was the influential music heard while growing up, and the longing to explore her own spiritual evolution and her unique way of making a difference in the lives of others.  As a result, she’s now able to help individuals to gain access to their own personal connection and guidance within.

As one of the founding owners of Cicada Sounds LLC and Synergy Institute, Sarah has fifteen years of experience in the field of healing arts, and twenty years of experience writing, recording, performing and producing music.