Dana DeSimone optimizes integrity, energy, hard work, and creativity in every detail of her marketing techniques. While working in the health field for over 7 years she began to step out of the box and landed a position where she could really utilize her skills. Spending 5 years marketing for a busy Orthodontic practice she created strong relationships within the community around her and became very proficient in social media marketing, website designing, online SEO’s and sales. 
Dana grew up in the beautiful Sierra Nevada’s were she was spoiled with the crisp aroma of mountain pines. Here in Lake Tahoe, home of the Washoe Indians, is where she developed a strong desire to be surrounded by the outdoors and looked forward to spending every minute in the mountains. Learning about Essential oils and holistic healing at a very young age has molded her into who she is today. She is a young entrepreneur who cannot wait to share her love for oils and passion for creating aromatherapy topicals to help her costomers feel their best. 
Dana has been in the sales industry for over 13 years and was trained and inspired by one of the biggest corporations known. Best Buy takes pride in developing leaders and molds them to hardworking individuals with strong work ethics that truly stick with them from the rest of their lives. Five words you can count on from Dana DeSimone love, integrity, commitment, passion and fun.

Meet Our Team

Synergy Institute is a holistic wellness center where we bring together advanced practitioners, educators, and experts in the field of the healing arts to offer high level treatment modalities that compliment traditional medicine.  Our management team has a combined forty years of experience in this field.  Synergy Institute will offer continuing education for other Massage Therapists, as well as classes for those desiring to learn new tools for achieving balance and well-being.