Deep Stillness:

Summer Meditation Series

Are you wanting to go deeper in your meditation practice?

Do you have trouble quieting your mind?

Do you have a desire to access your “broader mind”?


The Deep Stillness series is intended to cultivate a space where we can co-create and access our broader perspective.  From this space we are better able to hear our own inner voice and feel the guidance and wisdom being offered from this peaceful state. When we quiet the mind and open the heart we create the ability to access our highest potential and from this space see possibilities more clearly.

About the Instructor: Mahan Lakshmi was born into a Sikh tradition with a strong emphasis on the profound benefits of spiritual practice and meditation. She studied and lived with world renowned meditation and manifesting Masters for the past 20 years. Currently a Director of Strategic Supplier Management for an international electronics manufacturing company, she delights in inspiring others to plumb the depths of their own beings, and enjoy the richness of their inner stillness.

Dates: July 18th - August 22nd

When: Thursday 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Rate: $15 per session