BEMER (Bio Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulator) is a wellness device that increases blood circulation in the micro-vessels. The BEMER'S pulsed electro-magnetic energy enhances physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy, concentration, stress reduction, sleep management, and strengthens the body's own capacity to heal itself.

BEMER stands for Bio-Electro-Magnetic Energy Regulation, the key word being regulation. It was developed in 1992 by a German physicist and physiologist named Professor Wolf Kafka. Professor Kafka worked for NASA for many years. It was out of NASA studies that the BEMER had its first beginnings. Now it is manufactured in Liechtenstein. It has been sold in over 50 countries world wide. In many of those countries it is used in hospitals and clinics as an approved medical device. Here in the U.S. It has been awarded an IRB# by the FDA, allowing medical doctors to use this device in their practice and bill insurance companies for its use.

The components of the BEMER include a mat with 6 copper coils that run through it. The coils are placed for optimal positioning when a person lies face up on the mat with their head where the BEMER logo is. The coils in the mat are located between the shoulders and the pelvis when a person lies on it. The coils for the legs are wound in ovals. The mat plugs into a control unit that looks like a little computer. The control unit plugs into an AC wall outlet. On the electrical cord between the wall outlet and the control unit, there is a transformer that changes AC current into DC current. The DC current flows through the copper coils in the mat at right angles and creates an electromagnetic field.

When the current is increased or decreased, the magnetic field will increase or decrease accordingly. The control unit has a range of 1-10 level setting on it for a duration of 8-10 minutes each. It also has a 1-4 plus signals or programs that will help increase vasomotion, which is the contraction and expansion of the arteriole walls. Our bodies use this contraction and expansion of the blood vessel walls to move blood to other areas of the body where it is needed. The electro- magnetic energy of the BEMER can also move through a smaller device called an intensive applicator. It can be strapped onto or used in any specific area of the body. It is designed for higher intensity, deeper penetrating effects on local areas.

AC Currents or alternating currents, are emanations from man-made devices. AC currents shift from a + to a – pole 60 times per second in the United States. This shifting disturbs and disorients the functioning of our cells because the cells of our body only recognize DC current. People are becoming increasingly disturbed by the bombardment of some of these very strong, high

intensity AC currents than can be 10 to 100 times stronger than the earth's electro- magnetic field. We are feeling the affects of so much electro- magnetic field pollution through our exposure to microwaves, cell phones, high tension wires and satellite devices. Cell phones are high frequency microwaves. Microwaves heat up water. Cell phones heat up the water in our brains. One hour of cell phone use will heat up the brain one degree.

When using the BEMER, a person lies face up on the mat and presses a button for one of the settings. Lights will modulate up and down on the control unit showing that it is in use. A numerical indicator light will display the remaining minutes left in that application as the session proceeds. Settings are chosen according to the appropriateness for that person. A lower setting will produce a less intense wave pattern, which may be desirable for a less healthy person. People can work up to using higher settings as their physiology improves.

Amazing video clips of activity at the cellular level show the increase of blood flow in capillary beds with the use of the BEMER. Research shows a 10% increase of circulation at the capillary level and more than a 15% increase in oxygen with the use of the BEMER. Movement of blood at the capillary level assists in bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissues. At the same time, toxins, wastes, and CO2 are removed. Capillaries are smaller than the diameter of a hair. In order for the blood to move through them, the red blood cells have to de-clump so they can move through the narrow capillary channels in single file. Dark field microscopy, which uses a camera and lights at the cellular level, shows the de-clumping of the red blood cells that occurs during a BEMER session.

After an eight minute session on the BEMER, there is an 18% increase in production of the energy molecule known as ATP. This vital ATP provides the cells the energy they need to work. It is also used to maintain the proper voltage around the cell membranes. Without proper voltage levels, the cell membranes collapse. A large portion of the energy our bodies use helps to maintain a specific electrical voltage of 70 and 90 microvolts at the membranes of our cells. This proper cell membrane voltage allows oxygen and nutrients to enter the cells and toxins and wastes to be removed. Our bodies are like batteries that can be charged by the pulsating electromagnetic field of the BEMER. The BEMER enhances all metabolic functions of the body. It can improves a person's quality of life and well being.


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