Holiday Sanity Series

The Holiday Sanity Series at Synergy offers two extended classes each Saturday to help participants navigate the various stressors of the Winter holiday season. Within the series are eight Self-Care Classes and eight Restorative classes. These extended Saturday morning classes are open to all levels of health and are geared toward providing balance. All classes offer a mix of movement and stillness as a way to guide participants to a newer level of self awareness. The Self-Care Classes are a little more active than the Restorative Classes and you are welcome to mix and match any classes or join all classes.


Holiday Sanity Series: Self-Care Classes

The Self-Care Classes focus on sustainable movement. Sustainable bodies come from sustainable usage. In these classes, we will explore how our bodies have been responding to the aging process, stress, overuse, lack of use, impact and injury.

Through yoga, Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) and other somatic and sustainable movement tools, these classes offer the opportunity to undo compensatory patterns and to regain the strength and flexibility needed for safe and sustainable movement habits going forward.

Each class explores a different theme based on an area of the body and common physical movements in daily activities, work, and sports. Each theme weaves into the other themes to help participants experience and integrate the relationships among the parts. These classes are useful for those with who are new to or returning to yoga or any other activity and want to proceed with more awareness as well as those who are rehabbing from injury or overuse.


Saturdays, November 10 through December 29, 9 - 10:30am


Holiday Sanity Series: Restorative Classes

Throughout each Restorative Class, participants can experience how the various bodily systems interrelate to see how breath and movement can support physical and emotional balance. Tools and techniques from many different systems - yoga, breathwork, sustainable movement, experiential anatomy, and Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) - are used in exploring themes such as metabolism, depression, anxiety, digestion, and insomnia.

Through slow movement and breathing, individuals may gain an understanding of some of their patterns and conditioned responses to life. As we help bring focus from the head into the body and heart, we may also allow a shift into navigating life with more ease, grace and receptivity.

Saturdays, November 10 through December 29, 10:45am - 12:30pm

$30 single class
$220 any eight classes
$400 for all 16 classes