Personal Distant Energy Healing to Overcome Fears, Uncertainty, and Pain…

Responding to the overwhelming need of the hour considering the global Coronavirus pandemic, I am joining forces with my Reiki Master Teacher Kumari Mullin and her partner Kumara, and opening up a limited number of energy healing slots on a first come first serve basis.

She has not offered personal Reiki healing sessions for years as she has been called to teach the teachers Mastery … but these are unusual and challenging times.

Recently we were all inspired by a “miracle healing” during her Reiki Master final retreat, where four of her students sent distant energy healing to a bitten finger that was turning white and numb post surgery. In just a few minutes, without knowing when they were sending healing energy, the equestrian (who didn’t really believe in Reiki mind you) said:

A miracle! My injured finger came to life again!!

“I knew immediately when you started sending. I was in my kitchen, and my finger started coming to life again, and turned pink!” The transformation in my finger was a remarkable shift that I felt in the very moment it was occurring and for me truly a miracle!!! 

~~Carole Hoffman, Equestrian competitor

High Powered Energy Healing Sessions

with 3 Reiki Masters


Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese healing art meaning “universal life energy”. Reiki is a form of Energy Medicine, like acupuncture, Yoga, Kinesiology or muscle testing, and Qi gong. Specifically it is considered a biofield therapy, defined by the National Institute of Health as a subtle field that both permeates and extends beyond the physical body.

When our biofield is out of balance, we’re out of balance. Disease, fatigue, and apathy all reflect a compromised biofield. When something improves our energy field, it can increase our mental and physical performance, reinforce our natural immunity to stress and enhance our sense of well-being.

This energy healing art is applied through gentle touch while the person is fully clothed and lying on a massage table, or can be sent long-distance.


A Reiki energy treatment supports and balances the whole person or animal – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, getting to the root cause of the issue. It is extremely useful as a preventative treatment to maintain optimal health. Reiki has specifically been documented to:

  • decrease stress hormones,

  • improve immune indicators,

  • improve blood pressure,

  • decrease heart rate,

  • improve mood and functioning of depressed patients,

  • increase vitality,

  • enhance well-being, and

  • relieve anxiety and pain.



My Reiki Master team and I will be sending to you SIMULTANEOUSLY distant energy healing during your scheduled time. Our collective energy and experience amplifies the potency of the Reiki healing energy exponentially!!

It is best if you can lie down and receive just as if your were receiving healing energy in person. We have been sending distant healing in this way for years with great results.

Our next distant energy healing sessions will be Monday, April 27th starting at 3 pm


Before this unusual time for all of us my private REIKI healing sessions were $150 an hour and the treatments are more than worth it. But our goal is to be able to work with you during this pandemic at a huge savings and still deliver really potent energy healing and results.

SPECIAL:  only $55 (very limited slots available) 

YES! I want a personal High Power Reiki Master Session!


SPECIAL: only $55 

Once you register you will receive more details about your session.


About Your Reiki Master Team

Kumari Mullin - Reiki Master & Attorney 

     Kumari is an internationally acclaimed intuitive coach, Reiki Master, spiritual teacher and best-selling author.  She was a civil rights attorney when her father died suddenly of lung cancer, inspiring her to master energy medicine and alternative ways to ease suffering for the past 28 years. Kumari is hosting a new TV show entitled "BLISS" on the Divine Spirit Network airing on Roku.  She hosted "Co-Creation Activations” on World Puja Network, a leader in empowerment radio.  Her transformational work includes best-selling books “Empowering Transformations for Women" and “Journey to Joy”, critically acclaimed CDs and  "Divine Human” courses.   Kumari teaches with a practicality and playfulness that is disarmingly potent, fully anchored in the knowing that anyone can awaken their innate intuitive, manifesting and healing gifts.

Sarah Primus - Owner of Synergy Institute 

Sarah ‘Dolma’ Primus is a Reiki Level II practitioner, Massage Therapist, musician, producer, and songwriter, combining her passion in body work, Reiki, and other healing modalities with her intuitive approach to music, sound, and healing.  She creates unique and original combinations of therapeutic modalities which provides meditative and healing results for her clients. Her client base consists of individuals and companies who wish to attain a more centered, relaxed and balanced life. Her Signature Treatment utilizes her training in Cupping Therapies, Myofascial Release, and Reiki and Energy Tools to assist her clients in getting to the root cause of chronic pain.

Sarah is committed to assisting her clients by sharing her message of personal healing through the treatments she gives, as well as the music she creates. A pianist since 1989, she began composing original music &  songs at a young age, inspired by the natural world around her.  It was the influential music heard while growing up, and the longing to explore her own spiritual evolution and her unique way of making a difference in the lives of others.  As a result, she’s now able to help individuals to gain access to their own personal connection and guidance within. As the founding owner of Synergy Institute, Sarah has fifteen years of experience in the field of healing arts, and twenty years of experience writing, recording, performing and producing music.