Organic Spicy Pumpkin Salt Scrub and Body Wrap.

November 5, 2015

Organic Spicy Pumpkin Salt Scrub and Body Wrap.


At this time of year Starbucks, the local bakeries and the patisseries are all featuring Pumpkin flavored treats and drinks, so we decided to offer our own version of pumpkin treat. Only ours goes on your body, not in it. It smells delicious, makes you feel like fall, and you won’t gain any weight.


This aroma-therapuetic body treatment begins with an organic sugar and sea salt body scrub infused with the essential oils of cinnamon, clove, rosemary & lemon & blended with organic coconut and palm oil.


It is followed by the application of a natural Lemon Balm hydrosol which melts the salt into the body to be absorbed during a one hour relaxation massage, eliminating any messy cleanup and ending with a heated body wrap while receiving a head, neck, shoulder and foot massage.


If you or a family member could use a treat that will make you feel heavenly, without the added calories, book an appointment today!!


Spicy Pumpkin Salt Scrub/Wrap 90 min  $100



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