Taking Time For Ourselves

December 20, 2015




 Cheri and I are  happily busy people.  Our new venture is now a year old, and we are so pleased with how things are progressing. 


We each have our own massage clientele, we conduct classes, host seminars, attend community and networking events and we both have families. Life can get  hectic and taking time for ourselves is not always our priority, but this year we have begun to schedule time to do things to replenish ourselves and in turn we can take better care of our clients.


This article sums  up perfectly why it is important to think of ourselves from time to time..why each of you might want to carve out a little time in your busy lives to refresh and replenish..



From the Elephant Journal

Bethanie Pitskyon Apr 13, 2015l


"Most of the things on our To Do lists are probably important. The people and experiences we care about are absolutely important. But the energy that life consumes will not renew itself. Stress has a cascading effect that can quickly spiral out of control and leave us feeling overwhelmed. What we fail to remember is that unraveling that stress has its own cascading effect, but in a much more profound way.


Each one of us has had one of those experiences—an inspirational, deeply impactful moment that lingers in the heart and soul long after that moment is gone. For reasons unique to each of us, that micro-slice of joy lifted our spirits and left us feeling renewed. Of course nobody has life-altering moments of inspiration every day. But we can channel that inspiration into the more routine aspects of our lives. We can still do things that feed the soul.


And whether it’s yoga or something else entirely—spending just one hour doing something that feels good and contributes to our own sense of well-being will benefit other areas of life, long after that hour is over.

As individuals, we must know what refuels our own sense of well-being, and then make a commitment to self that doing so is not just a priority, but the ultimate priority. Given that the To Do list never ends, shouldn’t we place ourselves at the top? Hold the guilt at bay for a second and think about how much easier the tasks of life can be when approached from a place of balance and renewed energy.


This is not something that just appears when we need it. An empty cup does not refill itself."


I love that line " an empty cup does not refill itself". Come, see us, let us refill your cup.


Cheri and Sarah



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