Can Massage Help Me?

December 23, 2015


Can Massage Help Me?

As a massage therapist, I often get asked questions about what causes different aches and pains. When I am working on someone whom I know pretty well, I can often answer that question . I know that Cindy keeps her stress in her lower back, that she sits and works on a computer most of the day. She is a bit of a worrier and therefore holds tension in her shoulders. Other clients have different issues that can cause pain to build up in their bodies.    When I first started as a massage therapist, I was quick to answer my clients questions, but as I have gained experience, I have become more thoughtful. 


I am not as quick to answer  too quickly these days, especially  for people I don’t know well.  It is my experience that pain is not always where the problem is. Once I have worked on someone, and learned more about their routine, I will offer some advice, but I also exercise caution. I know now that often times we answer questions from our own point of reference and that can color how we look at things. 


If you have pain, and you go to the doctor what they say may be different than what I offer up.  If you ask a bone Doctor   why your back or shoulders hurt, he or she  will tell probably  you that your joints have wear and tear and that  only surgery can repair the damage.


 Ask a physical therapist they will explain muscle balance of the body and how you should exercise or modify lifestyle to relieve the pain. If you ask a neurologist they will tell you it's a pinched nerve, ask a nutritionist she may say you need to lose weight and stop eating processes food and sugary drinks.

Ask an exercise instructor and they will explain your abs and low back muscles are weak as well as tell you which exercises are good for strengthening those muscles. If you ask an endocrinologist they may explain growth hormones and how we lose bone from lack of hormones and exercise.


My point is we all speak from how we were trained and what we experience with our patients while we treat them. I can say that all those opinions are valid. We do experience bone loss from hormone loss and we do have degenerations in our skeleton and probably need to work out more. So the answers are there and it's up to us to inform ourselves and act accordingly.


I will say this, almost without exception, exercise, massage and better eating habits can always help.


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