Pay Attention to Your Feet!

February 18, 2016


As massage therapists and business owners, Cheri and I are sometimes on our feet for hours at a time. We know as the feet go, so goes the body. When our feet are sore or swollen, every step can be painful. 


The Feet are also indicators of other problems in our bodies. For example, if your feet are always cold, that usually means there are issues of circulation. After all, our feet are about the furthest away from our hearts, and when things are working properly, our feet will only be cold when the rest of our bodies are cold. If it is warm outside and our feet are still cold, then we have a problem. Sometimes the cure can be a great foot massage, and then making certain we get up and move regularly during the day. Sedentary people have the most problems with their feet and circulation. So go for a walk, put some music on and dance, or simlply walk around and pick up the house or the yard.


If you do all these things and your feet are still cold as ice, then it's time to see a medical professional. Perhaps you have some blockages, and a good massages can work out the kinks. Or an adjustment or two from your chiropractor. If those are still not enough, you may need some tests.


Either way, don't ignore foot problems. I have a Podiatrist in my BNI group, Dr. Mazziotta, who regularly regales us with stories of the horrific things that can happen when people don't pay attention to their feet.


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