Would you like a Team to Support you in Creating the Health and Well Being you deserve now?  Not sure what's causing your pain or ill health, or where to get started? 


We believe a synergistic approach to health creates the best and longest lasting results, and that can include conventional medicine.  We will never tell you to stop any current treatment or medications prescribed by your medical Doctor.  


Our goal at Synergy Institute is to support you holistically with your wellness goals, so that you can maintain a better quality of life.  We have many treatments and services to help achieve this goal.  With a 30 minute Complimentary Wellness Consultation, you will sit down with one our Practitioners to talk about your health concerns, to determine your primary imbalances, and we will create a customized wellness plan for you.


Your plan could include:


  • 90 minute Ayurvedic Diagnostic Appointment and Report of findings

  • 60 minute weekly follow up visits

  • Customized Body treatments based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic perspectives

  • Energy Therapies to clear limiting beliefs and thought patterns

  • Lifestyle and Nutrition Coaching

  • Meditation and Breathing Excercises

  • Yoga and other movement therapies

  • Herbal teas and essential oil recommendations


To get started, print and fill out our in depth Wellness Intake form and e-mail it to us at synergyinstitute.fl@gmail.com, or drop it by our office.  Then book your appoinment for the Consultation using our online scheduler, or by calling our office.