Yamuna® Body Rolling

& Sustainable Movement

Summer Series


Sustainable Movement for the Aging Process


Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) is an intelligent self-care modality based on experiential anatomy and yoga principles that allows you to get underneath your compensatory habits and imbalances so that you can recover from injury and / or improve posture and increase the efficiency in your body mechanics


The practice is a great complement to yoga, pilates, and any other movement practice or exercise routine.  It offers an interesting way for teachers and students to experience anatomy and to bring that somatic awareness into everyday activities. 

The Sustainable Movement for the Aging Process series is open to all levels.  YBR® techniques are preventive and rehabilitative so over time you can help your body become sustainable no matter how you use it. Each class in the series provide routines and tools to help you work from the inside out and integrate changes at your own pace.  

Sustainable bodies come from sustainable usage. The body is brilliant at adaptation; allowing strong muscles to compensate for weak, healthy for injured. And while in the short term, this may be beneficial, over time, compensations will wear down some parts of the body and allow other areas to go to sleep. The whole system works less efficiently and requires more energy. As we age, our resources get used up more quickly and we begin to limit or curtail activities.


These classes complement everything from a daily walk or vigorous run to yoga and gym workouts to your PT and chiropractic visits. We explore how our bodies have been responding to aging, overuse, lack of use, impact and injury to allow us to regain strength and flexibility so the two can co-exist, providing safe and sustainable movement going forward. We will look at and correct patterns in terms of standing, walking, reaching, getting up and down off the floor, etc. and any other relevant daily activities.


Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a self-care practice that uses various sized balls focused on particular areas of the body. The ball and positioning create traction to activate what is underused and reduce the impact on what is overused. YBR routines help participants work with their core strength to improve overall alignment and get underneath physical compenations to help participants understand the actual and appropriate use of muscles and joints in everyday activities as well as in yoga and sports. Combining YBR principles with simple movement sequences = sustainable movement. This series offers a unique mind–body exploration that helps participants experience their anatomy in order rehab, undo old patterns and incorporate healthy movement.


  • Week 2, June 8 –Unwinding the Calves & Strenthening the Knees

  • Week 3, June 15 – Balancing the Upper Leg Muscles

  • Week 4, June 22 – Mobility & Stability in Hips and Pelvis

  • Week 5, July 6 – Low Back & Core Strength

  • Week 6, July 13 – Upper Body Alignment

  • Week 7, July 20 - Breathing to Unwind & Strengthen

  • Week 8, July 27 – Integrating Movement through Twists

*Note that some topics are repeated during the course of the series to offer more and different content and more opportunities to attend. Please sign up in advance for the series or individual Saturdays as pre-registration helps the studio to prepare.


Sustainable Movement Summer Series 

Saturdays June 8th - July 27th

9:30 am - 10:30 am 

$15 per class / $96 for series



Meet the Instructor:

Meg views self-care as an increasingly necessary part of one’s life so that individuals can begin to feel not only in control of but also responsible for their health. She is interested in helping people understand their own habits and patterns as they consistently show up in breathing, movement and behavior. With this information, people can make changes based on their own feedback and experience.

Meg teaches from an anatomically functional and somatic perspective using YBR® , yoga and other spiritual practices as the lens. Her classes are clinic-style–responsive to the group, organic and spontaneous–so that each person in the room gets the personalized information he or she needs.








For information on/about YBR®, visit yamunausa.com

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