Virtual Yamuna® Body Rolling

Self Care Saturdays

with Meg Whitbread

(Open to All, 12 CE's for LMT's)

        Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) is an intelligent self-care modality based on experiential anatomy and yoga principles that allows you to get underneath your compensatory habits and imbalances. The whole body is involved in both the exploration and the re-integration as we focus on a particular area to activate what is underused and reduce the impact from what is overused. Various sized balls help to create space, re-balance muscles and re-align joints so the mis-use or pain pattern doesn’t re-surface. Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR®) is an organic and integrative self-care practice for creating and maintaining sustainability in your body. Yamuna® techniques are both preventive and rehabilitative. This 12-hour course, developed by Yamuna Zake introduces the basics of YBR® and includes the routines that can keep massage therapists and lay people alike free from injury.

*These Six Modules are offered multiple times during the Summer and are available for drop-in as well as taking all 6.  You can mix and match the order of the modules.


Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a self-care practice that uses various sized balls focused on particular areas of the body to:

  • stimulate bone and reverse the impact of usage over time

  • provide traction to keep joints functioning properly

  • release muscle tension to alleviate overall stress

  • increase awareness of compensations to reorganize the nervous system

  • help the body regain balance and operate more efficiently

  • help you gain an embodied understanding of your own anatomy so that you can customize your self care and other practices


The power of Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) as a self-care modality lies in how the routines and feedback from the balls offer a slow and organic way for you to unwind, rehab and recover at your own pace so that any issues have the opportunity to shift and change. When you work on yourself you can start to discover and become aware of holding patterns and begin to undo them. You can start to move way from how you may have been compensating or overdoing in one area and under doing in another to more whole body, sustainable ways of moving no matter what the activity because YBR complements any other sports and fitness activities.


While these Self-Care Saturdays offer LMTs CE credit for participating, the course is open to anyone who wants to learn and/or benefit from the techniques in this practice.

Saturdays - May 23rd - August 15th, 
1 - 3 pm

Lower Body

  • May 23 Feet & Foundation (Module 1)

  • May 30 Alignment & Standing (Module 2)

  • August 8 Alignment & Standing (Module 1)

  • August 15 Feet & Foundation (Module 2)


We start with an exploration of the feet and legs, looking at alignment in standing to uncover patterns in other types of movement. We move the feet, ankles and lower legs through routines to bring back healthy function and connection. Then we look at how ankles and knees relate to the upper legs. Getting impact out of the bones and joints of the lower body and bringing alignment back helps us get more of a sense lightness and upward lift.


Mid Body

  • June 6  Integrating the Legs to the Feet Below and the Pelvis Above (Module 3)

  • June 13 Freedom & Stability in the Hips & Pelvis (Module 4)

  • July 25 Integrating the Legs to the Feet Below and the Pelvis Above (Module 3)

  • August 1 Freedom & Stability in the Hips & Pelvis (Module 4)


We move upward to unwind and lengthen the quadriceps, open the hamstrings, and activate the inner and outer leg muscles to create a less strained, more efficient working relationship between legs and pelvis. We can then balance the pelvis and re-align the hip joints. From here, we create space and reduce tension in and around the lower back so that you can rediscover the feeling of freedom and stability in the center of the body.


Upper Body

  • June 20 Upper Spine, Neck & Shoulders (Module 5)

  • June 27 Arms, Wrists & Hands (Module 6)

  • July 11 Upper Spine, Neck & Shoulders (Module 5)

  • July 18 Arms, Wrists & Hands (Module 6)


Learn to use your breath to help unwind, release tension, and create flexibility, strength and stamina in the upper body. We will unwind and re-balance the shoulder girdle and create length between the neck and shoulders to reduce tension in this area of the body. We will also lengthen the muscles of the upper arm, release the grip in the elbow and free up the wrists and hands to help unlock tension in the fingers and reconnect the hands to the shoulders.


For LMTs, the total course has been approved for 12 CEs by the NCBTMB. Reporting for Florida LMTs is automatically handled through CEBroker when you are done. Out of state practitioners can manage their own reporting with a letter of completion.

Zoom Link

These workshops will be held online, live at 1pm EST. You can join from your computer, laptop or iPad at home through Zoom. You will need a Zoom Basic Account to join as an attendee. Register here through the Synergy website or by calling or emailing Synergy. Once you are registered, Meg will email you a Zoom link to join the workshop.


Yamuna Props

You will need basic Yamuna balls and some other yoga props. If you don't have Yamuna balls, please email Meg to order and set up no-contact pick up in Sebastian or Vero Beach. If you need them mailed, we can arrange that.  Yoga props or makeshift props include bolster or firm couch cushion, folding chair, yoga strap or bathrobe belt / neck ties, yoga block or telephone book.



Email Meg with questions about workshop or about Yamuna props:


Note that Yamuna products are provided during the weekend (feel free to bring your own if you have a set) and can be purchased if you would like your own balls and Foot Wakers. Please pre-register for the course so we can manage studio space and props.





For information on/about YBR®, visit

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                                                Meet the Instructor:

Meg views self-care as an increasingly necessary part of one’s life so that individuals can begin to feel not only in control of but also responsible for their health. She is interested in helping people understand their own habits and patterns as they consistently show up in breathing, movement and behavior. With this information, people can make changes based on their own feedback and experience.

Meg teaches from an anatomically functional and somatic perspective using YBR® , yoga and other spiritual practices as the lens. Her classes are clinic-style–responsive to the group, organic and spontaneous–so that each person in the room gets the personalized information he or she needs.